Is a Ryan Pace Contract Extension Coming?

Come Monday morning — New Year’s Day — there isn’t a person in the world that believes John Fox will retain his job as head coach of the Chicago Bears. Okay, well, unless the Bears happen to wait until the Tuesday after the holiday. But Fox is all but done in Chicago. If you think otherwise, you’re just kidding yourself at this point.

Ian Rapoport of went on the Mully and Handley Show on Friday morning to talk about GM Ryan Pace’s effect on the next Bears coach, as well as how coaching candidates view Trubisky.

As for Pace’s future with the Bears, there’s been a lot of national people talking about the possibility of the Bears going deeper than just coach come Black Monday. But local Chicago reporters have said the opposite. Not only will Pace maintain his job (duh), but he’ll get to pick his coach this time.

On top of that, Rapoport said that he expects the Bears to give Pace a contract extension along with the new coach’s deal.

Which isn’t surprising. It makes complete sense. Plus, we all know that Pace is going to get another couple of years to see if Mitchell Trubisky is the stud Pace believes he is when he traded up one spot to grab the young quarterback.

As for where the Bears’ job ranks among the potential openings this offseason, Rapoport said it ranks near the top. And that definitely has to do with the promise of Trubisky.

The Bears head to Minnesota on Sunday to close the 2017 season against the Vikings at Noon CT. Then, it’s on to Black Monday on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year, indeed!

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