Why Mitchell Trubisky Should Be Involved in Head Coach Interview Process

As the Chicago Bears search for the 16th head coach in franchise history, there’s an overwhelming belief that quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will be a focal point — both in selling the job and perhaps the interview process.

During a press conference on Monday, general manager Ryan Pace suggested that Trubisky may be involved in the new head coach hiring process.

“It’s something we’re evaluating,” he told the media.

Not only should Trubisky be the focus in bringing in the next head coach, but he should also be involved in the interviewing process. Maybe not in the first round of interviews, but in the next round — at Halas Hall — Trubisky should definitely be in attendance.

I could explain why, but I’ll let Rams head coach Sean McVay take this one.

On the Rich Eisen Show last June, McVay discussed the importance of belief in quarterback Jared Goff. But perhaps the most interesting nugget in the interview was how McVay spent time with Goff in the interviewing process, which included watching film with the young quarterback for a couple of hours. He said it was as important to sell himself to Goff as Goff was being sold to him.

So as the Bears continue their head coaching search, here’s to hoping that Trubisky is involved in the interview process. That doesn’t mean that he gets complete control. But he should have some input in the guy that will be tethered to his success in the next four years.

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