Pro Football Focus Grades Mitchell Trubisky’s Rookie Season

Throughout the 2017 season, Pro Football Focus analysts have been grading every quarterback in the league and ranked them based on their weekly performance. The PFF team have compiled that information to come to their final NFL QB rankings.

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who had a decent rookie debut given the circumstances, came in at No. 24.

24. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears75.7 overall grade

Excerpt from the PFF QB Annual: For much of the year, Trubisky was asked to simply manage games and rarely attempt anything difficult or complex, but later in the season, the offense was opened up a little, and he was allowed to play more expansively. Broadly speaking, that approach worked, though not without low moments. Against the Lions in Week 15, he threw three interceptions, and some of those passes were horrendous mistakes, but the bigger picture definitely showed a new potential that had been hidden by the conservative game plans earlier in the season.

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