Alex Smith Believes Matt Nagy Will Be Good for Mitch Trubisky

If there’s anyone that knows what new Bears coach Matt Nagy can do for a quarterback, it’s Alex Smith.

Smith, the former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback that worked with Nagy for # years, has been the recipient of Nagy’s teachings. And as Nagy prepares to take young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky under his wing, Smith believes that Nagy will get the very best out of Trubisky.

Chicago Tribune reporter Brad Biggs got the lowdown from Smith at radio row in Minneapolis at Super Bowl LII:

“I think he is going to do awesome. He has the it deal. I don’t know how to say it, but he is so comfortable around the guys, so comfortable in front of the room. Leading guys, he is so real, honest and very gifted from an X’s and O’s standpoint.


“So sad to see him go from a personal perspective, but (I’m) pumped for him and his opportunities with Chicago and Trubisky. I think he is going to do a lot of fun stuff with (Trubisky).”

Trubisky’s rookie season wasn’t near perfect or super flashy. But there were plenty of flashes that indicate that the future is bright for the young quarterback. Trubisky, who started 12 games last season, started rocky and actually improved as his rookie season progressed.

Smith, who can relate to what Trubisky experienced in his rookie season, believes that Nagy is the guy to get him to that next level.

“I just think he is going to utilize Trubisky’s strengths from day one,” Smith said. “He is going to find out what those are and take advantage of them. I think (Nagy) is going to put him in positions to have success early to get in a rhythm.


“It’s hard sometimes, and I’ve been there. I watched (the Bears) a couple times this year and felt almost all of (Trubisky’s) pass attempts came on third down, and that’s a hard way to play because I have been there too as a young player. He didn’t have the breather completions and throws to get himself into a rhythm, and I think Matt will do a great job just building it around him, tailoring it to his strengths, putting pieces around him that will help him.”

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