Mitch Trubisky Grades Out as Top Rookie QB by Pro Football Weekly

While 2017 is a season we’d all love to forget, one of the good things to come out of it was rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and the promise that the young gun shows.

It wasn’t a perfect season — and Trubisky often found himself the victim of conservatism — but he flashed the talent that shows that he could be a really good quarterback if the right coaches are brought in. And, at least on paper, it looks like they have been. Matt Nagy is the new head coach with an offensive staff that’s sure to put Trubisky in a great position to make that jump from year one to year two.

Trubisky graded out as the top rookie quarterback in 2017, according to Pro Football Weekly, with a 75.7 — just ahead of fellow rookie Deshaun Watson, whose season was cut short, with a 75.1.

With a new coaching staff, new talent on the way, and an offseason to grow, it’ll be exciting to see what’s next for the young Trubisky.

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