Press Conferences: Matt Nagy & Ryan Pace Talk Evaluation at Scouting Combine

The offseason is in full effect, and the Scouting Combine is upon us.

New Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace spoke with the media in Indianapolis on Wednesday, where they discussed evaluating the team, interviews at the Combine, and what they expect from young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Nagy was impressed with how much Trubisky grew over his 12 rookie starts, and he knows how valuable that experience will be heading into the new season.

“What you could see is just some of the trust in his throws,” Nagy said. “What happens naturally is the game slows down for you the more and more experience you get, so that’s a benefit that he has going into this next year with us getting him. He has game experience, and he is not someone that is coming from the classroom.”

Pace praised Trubisky’s dedication both in season and offseason, as well as his leadership and how he’s “obsessed with being great.”

“Some of the things he’s doing behind the scenes, kind of in the shadows, that might go unnoticed to a lot of people, it’s very natural for him, “Pace said. “He’s a natural leader. His work ethic, he’s very passionate about this. It’s really a 24/7 job for him. To be a good quarterback in this league, you have to be obsessed with being great, and Mitch definitely has that.”

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