Press Conference: Mitchell Trubisky Praises Nagy’s New Offense

As Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky heads into his second NFL season, he’s working on mastering a new offense courtesy of new coach Matt Nagy. After getting a few weeks with the playbook and putting in work in the classroom, Trubisky was finally able to test the offense out on the field when the Bears took the field for a voluntary veteran minicamp Tuesday through Thursday.

“It was a lot of fun, just to be out there with the new guys—the staff, the coaches and the new players—getting this new offense and really progressing each day, getting better,” Trubisky said after the final practice.

“There are going to be mistakes out there on the field, but we just want to play fast—next-play mentality—and continue to learn the offense, get to know these guys, build chemistry and try to continue to pick up this playbook as quick as possible.”

While Trubisky and the offense are putting the work in on the field in April, they’re focused on mastering the basics of this Nagy system before delving deeper.

“We’re really just going through the basics,” Trubisky said, “but I’ve talked to Nagy and there are just so many layers to this offense and what we can do—plays off plays—and the intricacies of each play and how we have so many options within each play.

“The decisions I have at the line of scrimmage and post-snap and pre-snap are going to give us a lot of options, and then we’ve just got to continue to use our personnel and the talent we’ve got on offense to spread the ball around and be an explosive offense. It just comes down to execution, learning this new playbook and believing in the system, and everyone has so far, so it’s been exciting.”

Trubisky credits his coaching staff, and fellow players with experience in Nagy’s system, with helping him take everything in.

“I feel like these last three days I’ve been coached more than I ever have because I have coach (Mark) Helfrich, coach (Dave) Ragone who was here last year with me, coach Nagy, and then I come off when it’s not my reps and I talk to Tyler (Bray), I talk to Chase (Daniel),” Trubisky said.

“Just having a bunch of brilliant offensive minds around me, I’m getting a lot of information. I’m trying to be a sponge, and it’s been a lot of fun working with those guys and learning as much as I can these last three days.”

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