Training Camp Press Conference: Mitch Trubisky Discusses Building Offense

This isn’t your father’s Chicago Bears offense. This past offseason has done a lot to revamp the Bears as an offense and the team’s identity, as evidenced by the hiring of head coach Matt Nagy. With him, Nagy brought a dynamic new offense influenced by modern and enticing offenses like Kansas City and Philadelphia.

But just how enticing and dynamic this Bears offense will be rests upon the arm and instincts of one guy: second-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who has been soaking up information like a sponge since Nagy’s hiring.

“What’s not to like about this offense? I love it,” Trubisky told reporters Friday in Bourbonnais. “There’s a lot of options. We throw the ball around a lot and we’re going to balance it with a great running game. But the thing I love most is just playing with these guys.

“The five linemen up front are working their tails off and mixing in really. There’s a group of seven who’s been mixing in. All the guys up front have been busting their ass for me. It’s a lot of fun playing with those guys and the new receivers and everybody are just working hard. The scheme is a lot of fun, but playing with the guys is the best part.”

This offseason has been an offseason of new beginnings for Trubisky, who is learning Nagy’s new offense. But he’s also working on building chemistry with the plethora of weapons brought in by the Bears. The Bears have surrounded Trubisky with the likes of Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, Taylor Gabriel, and rookie Anthony Miller, and right now it’s about continuing to get that timing down and learning from mistakes early on in training camp.

“They’re hungry, they’re students of the game, they run really good routes,” Trubisky said. “Everybody wants to get better each and every day. Everyone wants to be on the same page. We’re moving in the right direction, we’re building solid relationships, and we’re getting that chemistry and timing down, which is where we need to be. All they guys want to be great at it, so it’s great working with them.”

Watch Trubisky’s press conference below, where he talks learning from mistakes, building chemistry with teammates, and continuing to install this new offense.

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