Mic’d Up: Matt Nagy Challenges Mitch Trubisky for ‘Greatness’

There’s something so intriguing about what goes on behind-the-scenes in the NFL. It’s secretive, which makes any look inside these behind-closed-doors moments so enjoyable as a fan.

The talk of the town this week was Matt Nagy’s Mic’d Up video, which showed the new head coach’s fiery passion and belief in his players and, of course, his quarterback.

This video provided us with some moments when Nagy and Mitch Trubisky that was really special, including this exchange:

“I’m going to challenge you right now these two quarters for greatness,” Nagy said.
“Yes, sir,” Trubisky replied.
“You got me?”
“I got you.”
“I want to see it come out of you right here.”
“Yes, sir.”
“You take this thing over right now.”

During last week’s game against the New York Jets, Trubisky struggled in the first half before Nagy pulled him aside and challenged him to take this game over in the second half. And he did.

“Every week, you’re really striving for greatness,” Trubisky said. “But when he pulled me aside, it really just homed me in, made me focus a lot more and just made me that more motivated to focus in and do what I had to do to help the offense and really get us going. I have so much respect and love for Coach, that he just said it, and I needed to make it happen.”

Watch Nagy’s mic’d up video below and tell me if you’re ready to run through a wall for this guy:

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