Press Conference: Mitch Trubisky Previews Bears/Packers With Opportunity to Clinch the Division

Every Chicago Bears fan remembers that Week 1 match-up against the hated Green Bay Packers. Primetime. Matt Nagy’s first game. Khalil Mack’s debut. A new offensive identity. A dominant first half performance. An injured Aaron Rodgers.

And then the second half changed everything. For the worse. And the painful.

Rodgers led the Packers back from down 20-0 to win 24-23 in a win that was as painful as any in recent history. And that includes John Fox games.

But the Bears are determined to not let what happened in Week 1 happen again. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky said that just watching tape from that game brought back tough feelings, and you get the sense that the Bears will bring everything they’ve got to Soldier Field on Sunday with an opportunity to win the NFC North with a victory over the Packers.

“We want to finish so we don’t have that feeling again,” Trubisky said. “We all want to remember that and hopefully it just motivates us this week to come out, play a little bit harder and go out there and do our jobs and make sure we’re not feeling that feeling again.”

Watch Trubisky’s press conference below:

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