Press Conference: Mitch Trubisky Previews Wild Card Game Vs. Eagles

Mitch Trubisky isn’t the sexy pick at quarterback. At least in terms of the national narrative. He’s been constantly criticized and rarely praised by the national media during a season where he’s grown leaps and bounds and still has plenty more to learn.

A large part of that criticism stems from the narrative that these pundits want to justify: Ryan Pace made the wrong decision to trade up one spot for Trubisky. The Bears should’ve taken Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. Blah, blah, blah.

The book has yet to be written for Trubisky, Mahomes, and Watson, but all three find themselves in the playoffs for the first time as a starting quarterback and their story continues to be written.

During his Wednesday press conference with media, Trubisky was asked about what postseason success for quarterbacks ultimately means for their legacy.

“I’m not really thinking about any of that or the other quarterbacks or the legacy,’’ Trubisky said. “We’re just focusing on the Philadelphia Eagles this week. Stay focused on the task at hand. Practice really hard this week, then go out there and execute. We can talk about all that when I’m, like, a lot older or whatever.’’

Hopefully we will be. But the first step to carving out his legacy on the Bears? Going out and winning his first playoff game Sunday at home against the Eagles.

Watch Trubisky’s press conference below, where he talks about preparing for the postseason, the offense gelling, and the match-up against the Eagles:

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