Press Conference: Matt Nagy & Ryan Pace Review 2018 Season

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace met with the media for the final time of the 2018 season. During the 40-minute press conference they discussed offseason priorities, as well as hot-button issues like Cody Parkey’s future and even entertained the idea of a Kareem Hunt to Chicago idea.

They also reflected on quarterback Mitch Trubisky’s sophomore season. A main reason that Nagy was brought to Chicago was to groom Trubisky into a franchise quarterback, and his first season under Nagy was one that was filled with confidence, progress and areas for improvement.

“You’re looking for when they hit adversity and how they respond from that adversity,” Pace said. “I think even as most recent as the playoff game. You go down to that final drive and to see how he responded to that environment, I think it’s really encouraging. Just his mental toughness to persevere through those things. I think that bodes well for his future.

Nagy agreed.

“That playoff game, what he did at the end, you go back to your one question about growth and where he’s at progression-wise, you can’t make those up and he did it.”

As for what’s next in his growth? Nagy said that Trubisky’s comfort ability in this offensive scheme would allow him to focus less on the offense and more on what the defense is showing.

“Now I think level two next year is going to be him really recognizing pre-snap what he’s about to see for these defenses,” Nagy said.

Watch Nagy and Pace’s full press conference below:

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